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I agree with Respected Designer. Please take this as a learning lesson and not a negative (since I live right down the street and frequent your establishment often) I doubt you'd get architects to design a new space or furniture makers to create a new table without compensation. We use our brains and our hands just the same and should be recognized as such. This town is full of talent. Please respect that. Thank you.


We appreciate your feedback and understand your concerns. We have paid many an architect,as well as, our highly talented designers for their work for us in the past and continue to do so. This competition is meant to be fun and interactive. Thank you for your thoughts.

I'm a designer. I've advocated for the design profession for many years and I've challenged many clients who've engaged local firms and/or freelancers on spec more than once. Having served on the board of the same organization as Scott, I'm okay with respectfully submitting a difference of opinion.

"...it's time to we have some fun with it."

"Calling all creatives—photographers, painters, illustrators, printmakers, mixed-media, et al."

cash and prizes...

It's a contest. It's supposed to be a fun way to engage wine lovers and foodies; a way for Robust to engage with their community and provide a way for those who choose to participate, either by submitting or voting, a sense of being part of "their" Robust.

Welcome to the world of CONTESTS:





I am also a Designer. Do you really feel threatened by an opportunity to create? I don't think Graphic, Fashion and Interior Designers got royally offended due to the above contests. If you don't like it, don't enter!

P.S. I do volunteer work. Yes, I design for FREE. It's good for the soul. And, it's fun! This is the kind of work that goes into your portfolio that hasn't been altered in any way by a client...awesomeness!

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